Heidi Ho Neighbors!!!

Spring has arrived and boy is it ever beautiful!  I just love the warmer weather (but not too hot) and hearing the birds singing and talking to eachother.  Spring also brings Graduation.  On May 6th Lyn will be graduating from UF.  Boy has the past 4 years gone by quickly!  Lyn will be working at Eagle Country 106.3 for the summer while she looks for a job in her field of Photojournalism.  I'm looking forward to having her around at the station.  Last weekend we checked out Gator Softball.  That was really fun to watch.  It's a little faster than baseball so I really enjoyed it.  This weekend we are going to see track and field and check up on my boy, Jeffrey Demps.  Jeff is hoping to go to the Olympics this summer.  We'll keep our fingers crossed.

With Spring also comes the garden that my buddy, Wayne put in for me.  We have lots of goodies growing and today I saw our first tomatoes!  Yes...I can't believe it myself but there are tomatoes growing in my backyard.  No you can't have any.  :(  Preety soon we should have cucumbers, green beans and black eyed peas.  Yummy!

Lots going on as usual.  Enjoy and we'll talk to you soon.

See Ya!!!  :)